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Venezuela joins the Ibero-American Council of Country Brands

This incorporation will boost economic, commercial and investment relations between companies from member countries through the exchange of experiences.

Venezuela Country Brand confirmed its incorporation into the Ibero-American Council (CIMAP) in its official account on Instagram, an action that represents a significant advance for the international projection of the country.

“We are pleased to announce that #Venezuela has officially joined the Ibero-American Council of Country Brands! #CIMAP as a member, thus strengthening ties with other organizations in charge of the Country Brand or Destination Brand in the Ibero-American region,” he published on the social network.

“This incorporation will allow us to boost economic, commercial and investment relations between companies from member countries, through the exchange of experiences in the design, construction, management and sustainability of Country and Destination Brands,” he added.

This is a strategic step that gives the country access to a favorable environment for investment and business exchange.

The recent integration of Venezuela into the (CIMAP) is not only a step forward for the nation in terms of international recognition, but also aligns with the fundamental objectives of the council, which is dedicated to consolidating relations between its members through place strategies. marketing, place branding and place making, VTV reported.

With this new role in the Ibero-American scenario, Venezuela is committed to promoting its economic and cultural development, while contributing to the strengthening of the regional community. The expectation is that, through this technical collaboration, a more effective and coherent projection of the Venezuela Country Brand will be achieved, which will open doors to future initiatives and alliances.

This event marks a milestone in the trajectory of the nation, which seeks to position itself as a key player in the region, willing to forge a prosperous future open to the world.

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