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Venezuela eats fish exceeded distribution goal by 137%

More than 6.300.000 kilos were distributed, according to Insopesca. Fishermen capture sardines using sardine trains or nets that surround the schools.

In Manzanillo Bay, Antolín del Campo municipality of Nueva Esparta state, about 450 fishermen grouped by the Council of Fishermen and Aquaculturists (Conppa), launched their sardine trains to capture about 70 tons a day of this popular fishing species that is distributed through the Caravan of the Sardine throughout the country.

"In Nueva Esparta we fish with the sardinero seine, we make a fence with the net around the shoal and once the Insopesca colleagues determine that they are at the legal size, we begin the distribution, we take it alive directly to the ice to preserve its freshness" , reported Luis Rodríguez, sinner and spokesperson for the Presidential Council of Fishermen who interacted with President Nicolás Maduro in the special program of Venezuela Azul Productiva.

Venezuela Eats Fish

For his part, Vice Admiral Jorge Taján, president of Insopesca, reported from Manzanillo Bay that, thanks to the work of the fishermen, the recently completed Venezuela Eat More Fish operation managed to exceed the set goals.

"We had the goal of 4 million 650 thousand kilos, managing to distribute more than 6 million 300 thousand kilos, that is, 137% above the established goal, this thanks to men like Luis and each of the fishermen and the perfect articulation between the fishing and aquaculture people and our Bolivarian Government,” said Taján.

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