Turkish businessmen begin inspections to invest in Venezuela

This Tuesday a commission of businessmen from the Republic of Turkey arrived in the country who will carry out inspections to invest in agriculture in Venezuela, indicates a bulletin issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Turkish ambassador to Venezuela Şevki Mütevellioğlu, who led the Turkish delegation in the previous inspection planning meeting, held at the headquarters of the Ministry of People's Power for Productive Agriculture and Lands, indicated that “we are going to materialize the agreements established with the minister of agriculture in the last meeting (February), Venezuela has quality of surface, climate and water to sow ”, he said.

José Aguilera, vice minister of livestock development for Venezuela, added that Turkey annually imports 500 tons of urea, and sows about a million hectares outside of that country, "they have shown a lot of willingness to invest in our country," he said.

He explained that the Venezuelan offer includes the development of corn, rice, soybeans and sunflower, both for Venezuela and Turkey.

Aguilera pointed out that the Turkish businessmen presented a catalog of agricultural machinery developed by them, which in the future may take the form of exchanges with Venezuela, "their technology is on par with the best in the world, it can work very well in our country ”.

Regarding livestock, he added that Turkey knows the quality of Venezuelan cattle and competitive prices, "tomorrow they will value the breeds, and advance the processes for the international zoosanitary certification with that country." / AVN.



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