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HomeEconomyPresident announces optimization of the digital economy to overcome the blockade

President announces optimization of the digital economy to overcome the blockade

"I authorized the opening of accounts in convertible currencies and the Treasury Bank has opened this type of account, with its debit card, an excellent initiative to reactivate the economy," announced this Wednesday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

From a productive day in the state of Aragua, he announced that Venezuela must continue to promote the digital and real economy. “In 2019 we had 77% of economic transactions in digital format, the year 2021 has to be the year of 100% digitization of the economy, said the President.

He announced that the Treasury Bank is already authorized to open accounts in foreign currency, and reported that during the first month of openings, 20 thousand accounts have been opened.

"In addition, Banesco has a Green Account, Banca Amiga has an International Debit Card, Banco Nacional de Crédito has a BNC Card in foreign currency and Banco de Venezuela has an account in foreign currency in pilot test.

He stressed that it is necessary to promote the use of the digital economy in all the states of the country, “we must charge fair prices for public services to improve them. Each governor and mayor needs resources to improve their entity and municipality and that can only be achieved by modernizing the economy, ”said Maduro.

To do this, the President signed a Decree where he authorized the mayor's office and the governments of the country to use the appropriate mechanisms to use the digital tax collection software.

This Wednesday, the head of state also signed a decree by which all material that can be recyclable is declared strategic, including aluminum, fiber optics, electronic cards, cardboard, among others, ensuring that scraps must be converted into foreign currency and resources for the digital economy.

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