President Maduro applauds the approval of the Entrepreneurs Law

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, applauded this Wednesday the approval by the National Assembly (AN) in a second discussion, the Law for the Promotion and Development of new Enterprises with a view to the economic boost of Venezuela.

"A new Venezuela has emerged, one of entrepreneurship, work and production, I greet them and I extend my hand to give them, from the State, all the financial, legal and political support." said.

From the city of Guarenas, in Miranda, the Head of State reported during a working session with the Technical Tables of the Higher Council of Economy - Pharmaceutical Engine that to date 116.140 entrepreneurs have registered in the National Registry of Entrepreneurs.

In this sense, the deputy América Valentina Pérez Dávila, stressed that this legal instrument protects Venezuelans who have decided to contribute to the development of the country and also encourages family entrepreneurship.

Likewise, Pérez thanked President Maduro for the support of this economic sector and added that the Law provides legal protection to the hundreds of thousands of people who are believing in their productive capacities and creates the possibility of receiving support from State institutions, as well as financing from both public and private banks.



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