Electric motorcycles arrive as an alternative to the fuel crisis

The motorcycles have a lithium battery and a sealed motor

This Wednesday, the presentation of an electric motorcycle from the multinational Inteligensa was held in Caracas as a novel alternative to mediate the gasoline crisis.

"We come with this innovation of electric vehicles and we intend to stay and expand the market to become the leaders of the sector", said Venanzio Cipollitti, president of the Inteligensa group in the framework of the presentation of the group's new business line: Intelimoto .

“We come to the Venezuelan market, we are going to add more electric vehicles, it is technology. It is not a motorcycle bike, it is a registrable vehicle. We are committed to the country, we have 200 active workers in the group ”, he commented.

Intelimoto ventures into the field of alternative energies "with an ecological proposal that does not pollute the environment," said David Cipollitti, manager of the brand. Likewise, he highlighted the benefits and advantages of the available models, highlighting their power and practicality.

“They are silent motorcycles, 100% ecological, they do not pollute the environment because they do not generate any type of emission and maintenance is almost nil, which represents a significant saving of money for the user. It can be recharged next to the cell phone, it has a portable charger, with 110 watts of electricity ”he stated. 

Two models are available with a 2000 watt motor and an interchangeable 20 and 40 amp battery that give a range of up to 120 kilometers of travel with a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

"In countries like Mexico, Colombia or Europe, for example, electric vehicles are at the forefront and the Inteligensa group is the first to bring this technology to the country," Cipollitti said. 

Electric scooters work exclusively with electricity, they have a sealed motor, which saves maintenance, avoids the use of fuel. They are clean and quiet, light in weight. They have disc brakes on the front and bands on the rear wheel.

Disc brakes

“The two models have a three-month warranty. Both accept the two battery models on offer and require little time to fully charge. They are ecological and friendly with the environment and require economic maintenance. Intelimoto guarantees parts and pieces of the models available in the commercial offices in the cities of Caracas, Maracaibo, Cabimas, Coro, Anaco, Lecherías and Barquisimeto. They are priced at $ 1.800.

Model 20A

  • 2000W electric motor
  • 60V 20AH lithium battery made in Poland
  • Autonomy of up to 60 km with full battery
  • Recharge time of 4 hours in 110V outlet
  • 60 km / h top speed
  • Steel chassis and hydraulic shock absorbers

Model 40A

  • 60V 40AH lithium battery
  • Electric motor 2000W
  • Autonomy of up to 120 km with full battery
  • Recharge time of 6 to 8 hours in 110V outlet
  • 60 km / h top speed
  • Steel chassis and hydraulic shock absorbers

 The company provides a 3-month warranty against factory defects, along with an after-sales service that includes original parts and pieces and an exclusive customer service call center.