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Damascus and Samsung join Cashea's “more installments” mode

Users will have the possibility of purchasing high-end products and the home line with financing of up to 15 months.

Starting this June 3, the Damascus and Samsung stores join the new “more installments” credit line of Cashea, which offers between 6, 9, 12 and 15 installments to purchase products from the Korean giant.

Jonathan Ibarah, CEO of Damascus, explained that mid- and high-end Samsung products require more financing so that consumers can purchase them through Cashea's three basic installment line (45 days).

“In this way, we established this alliance so that consumers can have broader financing and can offer them up to 15 installments (7 and a half months) and without interest to purchase their Samsung product in Damascus stores”

Ibarah explained that the financing for 15 months will only be for the month of June, he explained and assured that they will work on other offers for the rest of the year.

Damascus will open a market pace online store for its Home line, where they offer furniture and mattresses, to which they will incorporate this new Cashea financing method. Likewise, he reported that next month the three remaining floors of the new headquarters of the Damasco store located in Sabana Grande will be inaugurated, where they will exhibit the Home line with the possibility of purchasing all the products with Cashea and he estimates that this year three new ones will be inaugurated. stores in the country.

More installments: only from the third level

Alejandra Schwarz, head of marketing of Cashea, explained that only users who have acquired Cashea certification level 3 are the ones who will be eligible for these new levels of financing that range between 6,9, 12 and 15 installments.

"Starting at level three, consumers will be able to purchase motorcycles, as well as household appliances with financing from six to 15 interest-free installments, which implies payment terms that can reach more than six months."

He reported that Cashea currently has more than 4 million users. “It took us 14 months to achieve one million users, but after achieving that goal we rose rapidly,” he said, adding that there are currently 200 users who have reached level 3 of the tool's financing portfolio.

Cashea is a very useful tool for Venezuelans, who can now buy at the same price - and without interest - products of their choice, having 45 days to pay the total amount in easy installments with an initial 40% of the total purchase. . Consumers will be able to decide the number of installments they want.

This line of "more installments" joins the "everyday" financing model, through the application that allows you to make purchases of essential products and medicines in supermarkets and pharmacies affiliated with Cashea.

Rafael Morante, General Director of Samsung electronics in Venezuela, assured that the opportunity to purchase any of the products through Cashea is for any of the items in its portfolio.

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