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Caracas Stock Exchange increased the amount traded this year by 61%

The Caracas stock index (IBC) closed the month of May with a positive variation of 48,55%

The Caracas Stock Exchange (BVC) has traded 45 million dollars in the first five months of 2024, which means an increase of 61% compared to the same period in 2023 when 23 million dollars were traded.

According to a report issued by the institution, of that total amount, 16,06 million dollars belong to operations in Variable Income (shares), while 15,03 million dollars belong to Fixed Income (private debt at the moment). The remaining 14,12 million dollars were negotiated in the Other Goods Market, according to a press release from the entity.

Furthermore, in this period, the Caracas Stock Index (IBC), the main indicator of the stock market in the country, closed the month of May with a positive variation of 48,55% calculated in dollars.

“This profitability of the IBC and the 61% increase in the effective amounts registered in the market segments served by the BVC reflect the growing interest of issuers and investors in this market,” the text explains.

The BVC also recalled that it is currently concluding a successful capital increase with 6.500.000 new shares.

In this sense, he explains, they are making investment plans in technology that allows brokerage companies to have an app that will allow them to buy and sell securities from smartphones anywhere in the world. 

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