Bolipuertos is getting ready for the Recognized Protection Organization certification

An audit process of all ports was carried out

Bolivariana de Puertos SA is preparing its eight terminals, throughout the country, with the adaptation of its infrastructure and conditions, to obtain the certification as a Recognized Protection Organization (OPR), which will promote aquatic and multimodal development with international projection.

The process began with the development of the comprehensive port approach project within the framework of the Bolipuertos port development plan, according to the institution's press release.

Explains the general director of Ports of the office of the Vice Minister of Aquatic Transportation, Wilfredo García, that a strategy was established that includes diagnosis, strengthening and intervention for the certification and standardization of Venezuelan ports.

“We started with the audit process of our current ports. How are the 475 ports of Venezuela doing? What characteristics are they in and what does each one need? In order, from there, to seek operational certification in each of these ports ”, be they marine, private or public, he explained.

He elaborated that one of the steps for certification is to form a team of systematizers for the monitoring and analysis of the activities carried out in the aquatic sector, with a replication in each of the port areas.

For this, García reported that training in the management of statistical tools will be established, the analysis of which will allow the design of indicators for decision-making and the design of public policies in the maritime and port areas.

He clarified that a Recognized Protection Organization is the legal person registered with the National Maritime Authority that may be authorized for the evaluation and protection plans of ships, port facilities, and training of personnel around it.

García specified that from the operational certification in each of these ports, it will be possible to promote "international cooperation with our allies and give the commercial impulse to that sector."

The director also commented that the Port Complex complies with the necessary standards of all the international certifications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

"These agreements allow us to give faithful compliance at the local level and that they can be certified, that is why all vessels that arrive in Venezuela have the guarantee of operability in each of these operations," he added.

With the OPR certification, Bolipuertos contributes to the consolidation of an efficient, profitable and productive Port System, which will project Venezuela in the international maritime and port trade due to its competitive advantages in line with the high standards of quality and service, concluded the specialist.



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