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Argentine Producers: It is more profitable to invest in Venezuela

They estimate to reach 500 thousand hectares of cultivated cereals

The president of the Association of Argentine Producers, Patricio Passet, assured that it is more profitable to invest in Venezuela than in other Latin American countries despite the more than 900 Unilateral Coercive Measures that restrict the nation's economy.

Likewise, he highlighted the support of the Bolivarian government to international producers to provide greater confidence in joint agricultural investment.

He praised the Venezuelan's ability to work and the way to cope with vicissitudes, reasons on which they based the development of the sector with a view to sustainability and the future.

Sanctions affect everyone

In an interview with Unión Radio, the Argentine businessman stated that the economic sanctions imposed by the United States (US) against the country affect “the whole world.”

“We are all affected. Anyone who believes that they are going to affect only one man, that is, Nicolás Maduro or Delcy Rodríguez, Jorge (Rodríguez) or Diosdado (Cabello), is not punctual, because he is the entire country,” he remarked.

Passet stated that the sanctions make everything more expensive, “which makes the people more expensive.” Furthermore, he admitted that “there is no magic or device that one can carry out so that this does not happen.”

Investment in the Venezuelan countryside

Passet revealed that the sector works in areas of Portuguesa, Anzoátegui, Guárico and Monagas to provide concentrated food for animals.

"We believe in Venezuela"Not only as an economic issue, but we are willing to work together and where we can add value to what the country is already doing," he noted.

In that sense, he estimated reaching 500 thousand hectares of cultivated cereals for the next seven or ten years.

“Starting this year, the presence of Argentine producers will be noticed,” he added.

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