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82% of the food consumed by the country is of national production

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reported this Wednesday that 82% of the food consumed in the country is of national production.

“We can say that 82% of the food that you get on the street is produced with Venezuelan hands. An achievement in the middle of the war! ”, He expressed.

The national president announced the creation of a school so that the country's fishermen are trained at all levels, "since we have the capacity to promote national production policies."

In this sense, I urge Minister Juan Laya to form a school for fishermen to study, to forge them ideologically; a school where our fishermen have an identity and are strengthened to gradually consolidate the spaces of the territory "he explained.

During a working day to strengthen Permanent Agricultural Production, in the state of La Guaira, the Head of State pointed out that Venezuela's path is to produce all its food in order to supply the domestic consumption pattern in a sovereign manner.

Maduro said that Venezuela was experiencing a tragedy of abandonment of the Venezuelan countryside, both arms were mutilated when capitalism arrived and suffered from oil rentier capitalism for more than 100 years.

The dignitary stressed that the national government has been recovering agriculture in the country. "Commander Chávez said that he was going to recover the Venezuelan countryside (...) it will not be easy, not even in a short time but it has to be done," he said at the time, "and it was he who started the process because here the agricultural memory had been erased ( …) Today Venezuela is positioning itself in production ”, he said.

Financial system must be at the service of production

The Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, made a call to the public and private banks for the low execution in the financing plans for the single productive portfolio that guarantees dynamism in the agro-industrial, livestock and small sectors of the country.

In this sense, it supported the statements made in the morning by the Banking Superintendent who instructed the banking institutions to diligently and expeditiously liquidate the credits destined for the agri-food sector that are already approved by the Steering Committee of the National Unique Productive Portfolio.

Similarly, Vice President Rodríguez said that in a few hours "other measures will be taken in this regard, to guarantee the production of Venezuela," he said.