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37% of loans for women focus on production

Venezuelans take advantage of their credits to boost national production

Venezuelan women, of all ages, demonstrate with determination and dedication that the ability to dream is essential to achieve their goals, in this case reflected in their own endeavors.

Last Monday during the 46th episode of the program “Con Maduro+”, the head of the Great Venezuela Women Mission, and Minister for Women, Dheliz Álvarez, reported that 53% of CrediMujer are granted for trade. Today 37% are for production and manufacturing, focused on the country's economy.

“Seeing a woman interested in agriculture is interesting, women have done an excellent job in managing their time, it is the will of Venezuelan youth and women to get ahead,” Álvarez additionally expressed.

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For her part, the president of the National Fund for Entrepreneurship, Maryury Bargiela, stated that "we are seeing the effort, entrepreneurship is included within the ability to dream at any stage, it is never too late to fulfill dreams."

Age is just a number

“For me, being an entrepreneur is wonderful, I thank you for supporting entrepreneurial children. Since I was 4 years old I always wanted to be a designer, that's where this entrepreneurship was born, in fact they invited me to the Summit of Entrepreneurial Children in Colombia and I will be the first Venezuelan entrepreneurial girl to participate in this summit."

Her mother, Vanessa Alejandra, said that they gave her the opportunity “to be whatever she wants to be, one day we saw the opportunity for her to take a course and today she designs her own clothes.”

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