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Several sectors affected by rains in Tucupita

The rainy season has generated flu symptoms and floods in the capital of Delta Amacuro

At least six sectors of Tucupita were affected during the night of last Monday, June 10, as reported from these communities through radio stations. Although there were no material or human losses, “the water entered the houses.”

The affected sectors were: Por These Streets, San Miguel, El Bolivariano, Alexis Marcano, Jerusalem and La Orchila. In these communities the water exceeded their houses after more than five hours of rain.

Jesús Tablante, from the San Miguel community, said that fortunately the time to flood took longer and he presumes that it was due to the canal cleaning work carried out by the mayor of Tucupita and the governorate of Delta Amacuro.

“Before we flooded faster, but now it has to rain for longer,” said the neighbor.

Constant official monitoring

The governor of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, said that, like every year, a multidisciplinary team constantly monitors the communities in the weather entity in coordination with the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh) and provides technical support to the dam. of containment.

So far no highly vulnerable event has been recorded in Delta Amacuro, only minor flooding without losses.

The regional leader called for awareness, once again, by insisting on avoiding throwing objects into drainage channels, which prevent the rapid and free circulation of water.

“We are treating flu conditions”

Governor Lizeta Hernández also referred to the cases of flu that have been recorded for a month, and stated that it is a normal condition for the season and the high humidity of the area.

"We are attending to this eventuality in all our health centers, my call is to take care of ourselves, not to expose ourselves to the rains, I am coming out of that flu with a high fever," said the president.

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