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Production projects are being prepared in Delta Amacuro

The projects are executed within the framework of the Delta Amacuro production plan

Within the framework of the Delta Amacuro production plan, several productive projects are being prepared for the planting of auyama, squash and corn, in areas of southern Tucupita, such as Agua Negra, Volcán and other communities, as reported by César Maguilbray, director Regional Department of Agriculture and Lands.

Maguilbray indicated that the entity is also preparing to produce, thresh and package rice, through a project of at least a thousand hectares that will be planted in the sectors of the island of Manamito and Santa María de Tucupita, the most productive areas of this item in the state. . He also stated that the harvest is also expected to be ready in 115 to 120 days.

The representative of Agriculture and Land in the Delta explained that they must first wait for the north-winter cycle. He announced that they are about to reopen a rice processing plant that will serve to expand capacities.

He regretted that Tucupita and the entire Delta Amacuro state were affected by the climatic effects registered, for which the works had to be interrupted.

Productive projects in Delta

Every summer Tucupita prepares to harvest auyama, melon and sideburns, to the south of the town. It is the most productive area, from where the local market is served and these products are also shipped to Maturín, Ciudad Guayana and Greater Caracas, reported Jesús Gascón, producer of Agua Negra.

These agricultural items abound every season at low prices in Tucupita. The national highway turns into a harvest festival. Several trucks go in caravans taking sideburns, melons and auyamas to other states of Venezuela, the producer proudly recounts.

Dialogue with producers

Jesús Gascón highlighted the support of the regional government, however, he considers that from this instance the sale of fuel to producers should be expedited more quickly, since it limits the work with the machinery, as well as the power to distribute their crops so that " don't get lost."

On this point, the governor of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, has said in her program through local media, that she is managing the censuses to honest all the demands, so that abnormalities with the fuel can be avoided.

He explained that producers must have the corresponding fuel quotas through the Patria system. He clarified that, although he can mediate, it is an independent data. In this sense, he called on the field workers to maintain permanent dialogues for understanding.

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