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Comprehensive care continues for Waraos in the Delta Amacuro jungle

They approached the communities of the Santos de Abelgas parish, Antonio Díaz municipality in the Delta Amacuro jungle

Carlos Ramos, councilor for the Antonio Díaz municipality, reported that over two weekends, the Delta Amacuro state government provided comprehensive care to some two thousand people from the Santos de Abelgas parish, an area with river access about five hours from Tucupita.

Delivery of materials, school meals, sale of food at subsidized prices, in addition to comprehensive medical care and the formation of a front to manage solutions to social problems, they offered to the inhabitants of the communities.

Ramos, informed that the attention supposes an important social investment on the part of the Venezuelan State, taking into account that the resources must be superior to those destined in urban areas.

«A mobilization like this implies a greater investment and effort, because you do not travel by road, but by pipes. Governor Lizeta Hernández has reiterated this commitment and that is what we are fulfilling," declared councilor Carlos Ramos.

Comprehensive care

During health care, two patients were diagnosed with complex pathologies and had to be transferred to Tucupita in a river ambulance.

Five schools were provided with food through the PAE program, while the teachers of these institutions committed to reinforcing the hands-to-sow initiative, to promote the culture of production among students.

It is the second comprehensive approach that has been carried out in this parish so far this last quarter.

Lizeta Hernández, governor of the state of Delta Amacuro, and Amado Heredia, mayor of the Antonio Díaz municipality, visited Araguaimujo, capital of the Santos de Abelgas parish, where they listened to the proposals of the Warao communities and urged them to organize from the base structures.

Works and commitments of the new Structures of the PSUV

After the recent restructuring of the PSUV bases, the new spokespersons have committed to encouraging communities in times of adversity, while managing solutions to different problems, informed councilor Carlos Ramos.

Initially, the electricity service for at least two communities is managed through the Communal Councils.

The sanctions against the state-owned PDVSA affected the distribution of fuel for electric generators in several communities, lamented Ramos.

The official added that the questioned international policy against Venezuela also cut short the acquisition of spare parts for these power plants.

However, Carlos Ramos reported that through the Community Councils now electrification projects with alternative and ecological energies are being carried out for the majority of the communities that are located in the jungle of the Delta Amacuro state.

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