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Water treatment plant installed in the indigenous community of the Delta

It is the first system of several that will be installed

The president of the Hydrologic of the Delta, Rafael Pacheco, reported this Wednesday that a water treatment plant was installed in the community of Guayo, a town with fluvial access from the state of Delta Amacuro.

It is a plant that, in addition to physical and chemical treatment, has a filtration system with UV rays.

This incorporation will benefit the patients of the “Hermana Isabel López” hospital, the inhabitants of Guayo and nearby indigenous towns.

This is the first plant of "a flagship project" that the state government and the national government have started in the Warao indigenous communities of Delta Amacuro state, reported Rafael Pacheco.

With a water treatment plant they will reduce child morbidity

The governor of Delta Amacuro state, Lizeta Hernández, stressed that the incorporation of the water treatment plant will have an impact on the reduction of child morbidity due to gastrointestinal symptoms registered in the Warao communities.

The plant is the first of a project that incorporates more communities in the lower Delta, especially those closest to areas where illegal mining is practiced.

Guayo hospital patients will be the main beneficiaries

The charge for water is studied in some areas of Tucupita

The governor of the state of Delta Amacuro, Lizeta Hernández, announced that her work team is studying the possibility of charging for the water service in some sectors of Tucupita and, for this, the excellence in terms of quality and quantity is optimized.

He said that as well as electricity and urban cleaning, the operations to maintain the water service imply disbursements that must be considered by the users of some areas of Tucupita.

He explained that these resources will help expand the supply to the most vulnerable communities, where indigenous people and peasants live.

Penalties for broken pipes

The governor of Delta Amacuro announced that the people responsible for breaking the pipes will be severely penalized with fines, in addition to being forced to repair the fault.

These events arise when several neighbors break the road or street to connect pipes, leaving water leaks in nearby places.

There are at least eight water leaks in Tucupita alone, which for now will be repaired by the Delta Amacuro government.

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