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Deltaica Territorial University recovers after the pandemic

Bachelors have returned to this house of studies to complete their training process

Edgar Figueroa, coordinator of the student area of ​​the "Francisco Tamayo" Deltaica Territorial University (UTD) of Tucupita, informed about the Day of the University Student, that in this house of studies they progressively recover the academic quality in the midst of the conjunctures due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 and the economic sanctions against Venezuela, "from which we did not escape".

Figueroa, referred to the negative impacts left by the Covid-19 pandemic, when several students were forced to abandon their studies, while others opted for distance education, at the suggestion of the Ministry of University Education.

The international sanctions against Venezuela severely affected the UTD "Francisco Tamayo", an institution that saw its transportation, infrastructure and food systems decline, for which hundreds of students left the classroom to leave the country, Figueroa explained.

Progressive recovery after the pandemic

Currently, this university establishes policies to recover the educational quality it had prior to the pandemic and the economic sanctions against the country, insisted the coordinator of the student area. 

Thus, hundreds of high school graduates have returned to this house of studies to complete the training processes in careers such as civil engineering, agri-food, tourism, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing, veterinary medicine, industrial administration, food processing, comprehensive education and education. physical.

“We are experiencing a complex social process with the pandemic and the economic sanctions against Venezuela. Fortunately we are progressively recovering in every way”, said Edgar Figueroa.

The UTD has four nuclei: in Barrancas del Orinoco, Temblador and Uracoa, in the south of Monagas and Casacoima in Delta Amacuro.

This house of studies plans to expand its training program to the municipalities of Antonio Díaz and Pedernales, two jungle regions of the Delta.

They plan to open postgraduate studies for the professionals of this institution.

The Coordinator of the student area projected a frank recovery for the UTD

University for all eastern Venezuela

Figueroa, reported that each year the National University Entrance System (SNI) assigns places to students from the eastern region of Venezuela, facilitating studies at the "Francisco Tamayo" Delta Territorial University, where training programs such as veterinary medicine, nursing , physiotherapy and occupational therapy are highly receptive.

For Edgar Figueroa, students and the university have been the protagonists of the great social changes in Venezuela.

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