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ÚN data: lotteries and banking, what Venezuelans googled the most in 2022

Searches for draw results shot up more than 4.000%, competing with the World Cup.

People use the Google search engine for everything. It is used to search for data, definitions, news, make translations, learn more about certain topics, and even, as we will see later, as a way of entering websites of institutions and services. Here we will see what Venezuelans googled the most during the past year and the topics that were most interesting for us.

There are other systems with the same purpose, but without a doubt, that of the Mountain View company has been for many years the tool for accessing information on the Internet with the most users on the entire planet. Such is his condition that, both in English and Spanish, his name has derived into a verb: google or guglear (google), to refer to the action of searching the internet.

The large amount of requests and data that this machine processes daily allowed its administrators to build the Google Trends system, which offers search trends from around the world in real time and by historical sequence through queries to the Google database. Thus, we can know what are the words and topics most searched for by people at a certain time and place.

Google Trends annually issues a global report called "The Year in Search" where it shows the outstanding trends from its gigantic database. We can thus easily learn that the most searched thing on Google on a planetary scale in 2022 was “Wordle”, the electronic word-guessing game created by British software engineer Josh Wardle and which became a trend in the midst of the pandemic. Even the American newspaper The New York Times ended up buying the game from Wardle to add it to its online entertainment offer.

Here in Venezuela, Últimas Noticias created his own version of Wordle, which is called "The last word" and which is characterized by having a large number of Venezuelan words to discover every day. You can access the game through this link.

“Ukraine” was also among the most popular searches, probably due to the outbreak of the war; "Queen Elizabeth", motivated by the death of the Queen of England; “World Cup”, of course, for the soccer world cup; "Iphone 14", for the launch of the new model of Apple's smartphone; and "Jeffrey Dahmer", for the Netflix series about the well-known serial killer.

But one thing is quite striking: four of the top 10 global search trends are for terms referring to the professional game of cricket, particularly the Indian leagues or tournaments where that country participates. This tells us that a significant amount of Google's traffic comes from Indian users. This nation, with more than 1.400 billion inhabitants, has more than 658 million active internet users, close to 47% penetration, which could explain these results in Google trends.

our trends

Google's "The Year in Search" report can be consulted by country, but unfortunately it does not include Venezuela among the display options. However, using the tool we were able to reach the data corresponding to our territory by our own means.

The list of terms most Googled by Venezuelans last year is very similar to that of previous years: the most entered words in the search engine correspond to searches for the names of the country's banks, especially Banco de Venezuela. This is because people have the habit of, instead of writing the URL of the page they want to visit directly in the address bar of the web browser, what they do is Google the name or part of the name of the portal so that the engine returns the link to the page in question as a result.

We obtained that the most searched terms in our country are: 1- "bank" 2- "Venezuela" 3- "Venezuela bank" 4- "Venezuelan bank" 5- "homeland". The word "bank" is used to search for the online platform of the preferred banking institution, and it is evident that this practice is used by a good part of the millions of users of the country's banks. The next three terms show that the most searched bank is Banco de Venezuela, and in second place is not a bank but Plataforma Patria. Then come terms like “facebook” or “youtube”, which are used in the same way to enter the respective platforms. We can also find Banco Bicentenario and Banco Mercantil, among others, on the list.

Likewise, the word "translator" appears, which is explained as a way to reach the Google translation system, surely to search for words, phrases or texts in another language.

Only when we remove the words referring to banks or social platforms from the list of the first 25 search terms, do we find terms more related to other types of content: the words “active lotto”, “little animals” and “mlb” appear. The first two refer to lottery games and the third to Major League Baseball.

Trends: games and luck

Google Trends allows us to review, in addition to the most searched terms, a list of those that had a very notable growth in the number of searches in relation to the previous period. In this case, we can see that the terms with the highest growth in 2022 compared to 2021 were: “qatar world cup 2022”, with more than 5.000% increase; "World Cup 2022", with 4.750%; and "active guacharo", with 4.000% growth.

The first two places are explained because it is logical that interest in the World Cup grows the year the cup is held. That is why third place is striking. "Active Guacharo" is a lottery that is played in our country and people were very interested in checking its results online. But it's not just this draw, it also highlights that another 10 of the 25 fastest growing terms in 2022 refer to lottery results: “million dollar farm results”, “today's active lotto result”, “active lotto results” , “active lotto results”, “animal results”, “active lotto results today”, “millionaire farm results”, “active lotto data”, “active lotto data”, “active lotto result” .

These are different versions of the popular “little animal lottery”, where each species on a list is associated with a number. It is evident that the interest in seeking luck in chance was very important in Venezuelans in 2022, or at least much more than in 2021. It should also be noted that three of the combinations of terms with the highest growth, after the World Cup and the lotteries, had to do with ways to reach, through Google, the page of the telephone company Movilnet to check the balance of users: “saldo mobilnet” (+1.300%), “consulta de saldo mobilnet” ( +1.100%), "check mobile net balance" (+900%).

Winners: the bank and the bird

Google Trends offers the ability to view trend results grouped by topic. For this, it associates sets of searches that the system interprets as referring to the same subject. In this way we can confirm much more clearly what the lists of terms analyzed above already informed us:

The king of Google searches by Venezuelans is Banco de Venezuela, although it is, as we explained above, a way to access the online banking system.

In second place is the Patria system. Google Trends organizes the list of terms ranked according to the most searched term in a particular place and time. It assigns a value of 100 to that first place. The rest of the list is marked with a number proportional to the number of searches compared to the one that achieved the most. Thus, in our case, if the Banco de Venezuela corresponds to 100, the Patria system, which is second, corresponds to 62. This means that for every 10 searches related to the Banco de Venezuela there were approximately six that had to be do with the Patria Platform.

When we look at the list of topics, but in terms of which ones had the most growth compared to the previous period, we get a variance from the list of individual terms that we looked at above. This time, the way Google presents the finding is funny, since it indicates that searches related to the animal whose scientific name is "Steatornis Caripensis" had a growth of 4.300%. This species is none other than the guácharo, a native bird of Venezuela and South America whose scientific name was assigned by the German geographer and naturalist Alejandro de Humboldt in works published from his research in our country at the beginning of the XNUMXth century.

But Google searches are not exactly about the Caripe animal, but about the lottery that bears its name. We can see that, in the grouped version of the lists provided by Google Trends, the increase in interest in this lottery even exceeds the interest in the World Cup in Qatar, which appeared first in individual searches.

So, a quick conclusion about the interest of Venezuelans when searching the internet could be that attention is paid, mostly, to financial issues, whether we are dealing with entering to check or doing transactions with our bank accounts, or that we are trying to try your luck in the lottery to see if we win some extra money.

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