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Datos ÚN: 36,4% of TikTok users invest 1 to 3 hours a day on the platform

55,1% estimate that they spend more time on this social network than on any other.

The digital communication agency We Are Social, in its annual trends report Digital 2024, highlighted that in the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of social network users, exceeding 5.000 million, which is equivalent to 62,3% of the world's population. They also point out that “the typical user spends 2 hours and 23 minutes a day between their favorite platforms and uses about 6,7 platforms each month.”

One fact that draws special attention in this report is that, according to the same source, “TikTok has the highest average time per user on Android of all social platforms in the world, reaching an impressive 34 hours per month – more than one hour a day― on the platform.” TikTok is only surpassed by the legendary YouTube, whose users spend a little more than 28 hours a month on the Android app.

Although Instagram remains the most popular social network, TikTok has been growing strongly. It began this year with more than 1.500 billion users globally, surpassed only by the giants Facebook (3.000 billion), Instagram and YouTube (2.000 billion each).

En Datos ÚN We wanted to survey the use of TikTok among our audience. We published a digital survey on our website and social networks and between Tuesday, May 20 and Thursday, May 23, 685 people participated. The result is as follows.

Most are there

When asking participants if they currently have an active TikTok account, 65,4% responded yes. We are talking about that practically two out of every three people are within the Chinese video network.

The survey continued only with those who stated that they do have a TikTok account. We found that 32,8%, that is, practically a third of users, affirm that they not only use it to watch videos, but also publish content.

We asked users when was the last time they posted content on TikTok and the result was that 12,9% said they had posted “today.” 10,3% answered “yesterday”, 8% said “this week” and 8,3% said “last week”. This means that almost four out of 10 users (39,5%) claim to have published a video on TikTok in the last week.

We then asked about the time of use of the platform. We have that six out of 10 users (59,2%) declare that they enter the app several times a day. 

15,6% say they go in once a day, 12,5% ​​say they do it a few times a week and 12,3% say they do it only very occasionally.

The calculation that each person makes about the amount of time they spend per day on the social network is key to seeing the impact of the platform on people. We found that while 48,2% said they spend less than an hour a day on the app, another 36,4% said they spend between one and three hours on TikTok. 7,1% said they spend more than six hours on the platform and 4,7% of users stated that they spend more than six hours a day immersed in the app.

Do users spend more time on TikTok than other social networks? We asked the participants in our survey and 55,1% agreed with that statement.

Laugh, sing and know

Another aspect that is always interesting to know is the type of content that people prefer on each social network. This assigns a profile to the platform that ends up defining it. We asked the participants of our survey to indicate what content they like the most on TikTok and 24,8% responded “humor.” This means that one in four users is there looking for content that makes them laugh.

In second place among preferences are news with 16,7% and in third place is music with 13,8%. These three types of content represent the majority, adding up to 55,3%.

Social media companies claim that their algorithms are capable of predicting what content each user will like and in this way the recommendations that we receive daily on each platform are established. We asked our participants if they think TikTok recommends content “as if it knows what I like.” The vast majority, three out of four people (75,7%) agree with this statement.

I like it... too much

At this point we asked our participants to indicate how much they like TikTok. They had to indicate a number from 1 to 10, where 1 is “not at all” and 10 is “a lot.”

We found that 28,6% marked the number 10, 6,3% marked 9, 14,3% marked 8, 10,9% marked 7 and 6% marked 6. These options add up to 66,1%. This means that the vast majority of users express a significant liking for the TikTok app.

Taking into account the amount of time people spend on social networks, some consider that their use could be addictive. We asked the participants about their opinion about this idea.

We have a resounding majority of 75,8% of TikTok users considering that the app could be addictive. Specifically, 53,3% said they strongly agree with the statement and 22,5% more or less agree.

It is interesting to note that among the same people who express a significant liking for TikTok (66%) and who spend several hours a day using the platform (almost 50%), the danger that the application threatens to generate a behavioral disorder is pointed out. human.

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