Ubu at the gates of heaven bets on humor and music

Antonio Delli (on his knees) leads a great cast. Photo: Orlando Alviárez

A pleasant surprise will be in store for those who attend from this Friday, March 5 at 4 pm to the Sala Rajatabla in Caracas, where the first season of Ubu at the gates of heaven will premiere, under the direction of Marisol Martínez.

The theme of ambition, power and corruption were the premises of several plays based on the character of Father Ubu, written by Alfred Jarry at the end of the XNUMXth century. Hence, thanks to the dramaturgy of Luis Vicente González and the hand of Martínez, they managed to condense the essence of the non-honest Ubu, achieving a great product, so that the legendary group Rajatabla celebrates its first half century of existence.

Although the character of Ubu and his wife were conceived by their author as satirists, many expected an intense staging by Marisol Martínez, since his recent addresses (Terror and misery in the Third Reich and Caligula, to name two) were "Cuts veins" in its drama.

However, this time this director opted for black humor and even musical parts to tell in this regard that power and money can corrupt many people.

And the most important thing is that actors and actresses look perfectly coordinated with their roles; starting with Antonio Delli and his scoundrel father Ubu. María Tellis and Sandra Moncada, who share the cheeky mother Ubu, are not far behind. Also successful, Luis Vicente González and his role as an accommodating conscience; while Francisco Aguana and Armando Andrés are the palotines (security forces) who crawl and carry out all the abuses.

The technical team also put their hearts into it so that the staging was clean. In short, a great alternative in the tables during the weeks of easing Fridays (4 pm), Saturdays and Sundays (3 pm).



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