Paid tribute to Miguel Ordóñez

The event was headed by Headed by Willy Casanova

Family, friends and members of the gaitero guild participated in the posthumous tribute to the composer, writer and musical chronicler of Zulia, Miguel Ordóñez, held in Maracaibo, Zulia state, in the Alí Primera square.

The mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, recalled that he grew up listening to the gaitas of Miguel Ordóñez, whose verses are in the essence of being Zulia, reported VTV.

Casanova promised to create a cultural center in homage to Miguel Ordóñez, which fully expresses Maracaibo, his gaitas and his dance.

The tribute began with the performances of the Manaure Cantor group, followed by Yelitza Rincón accompanied by Jesús Morillo and continued with the Contrapunto Zulia Quintet.

Through a video, Miguel Ordóñez's career as a composer, cuatrista, furrero and gaitero chronicler was exalted, who used the media to defend the Zulia gaita and its history.

Among other cultists, Maya Ordóñez, Ordóñez's daughter, intervened, who read an emotional letter.

For her part, Ordóñez's widow, Ángela León, thanked Mayor Willy Casanova, Selene Estrach, those present and all who supported her in the fight against cancer. / VTV



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