They celebrate in Trujillo the Sweet Child Jesus patron saint of Escuque

Sweet Child patron saint of Escuque

This Friday the population of Escuque, in the state of Trujillo, will celebrate the Day of its patron saint, the Dulce Niño Jesús, with the celebration of six Eucharists in compliance with biosecurity measures to prevent contagion by covid-19.

The rector of the Dulce Nombre de Jesús de Escuque Sanctuary, Father Miguel Ángel Monsalve, stressed that since last January XNUMX, the celebration of the patron saint festivities began with the lowering of the throne of the image of the saint and on January XNUMX with the novena of masses .

“On the central day we have six Eucharists so that the biosafety regulations and the regulatory forum in the temple are complied with due to the issue that we are still in a pandemic, we cannot ignore this reality that although we have to learn to live with the virus we have to take care of ourselves and caring for others (...) that is why it has been possible this year to increase the Eucharistic celebrations, compared to last year when we held four”, he pointed out.

He added that parishioners and pilgrims who come from other parts will have the opportunity to pay their promises to the Child by participating in one of the masses. He also reported that the diocesan bishop José Trinidad Fernández requested that the procession of the image of the Child not be carried out in prevention of the pandemic.

“El Niño Jesús will come out but not in a procession but in a caravan through the main streets of the historic center of Escuque, so as not to mobilize people and thus avoid contagion due to the pandemic. On the central day we will have a prayer for the cessation of the pandemic in the masses, ”he said.

The programming will begin at 5:30 in the morning with the first Eucharist presided over by the priest Enmanuel Salas; At 11 in the morning there will be a solemn mass presided over by the vicar general of the Diocese of Trujillo, priest Rubén Delgado, together with more than 30 invited priests. And the last Eucharistic celebration will be at five in the afternoon with the rector pastor of the Dulce Nombre de Jesús de Escuque diocesan sanctuary Miguel Ángel Monsalve.

"The community and the faithful ask the Child Jesus to end the covid-19 pandemic, and also that peace, unity, harmony reign among all families, we need that and it is what people are asking for," he said.

This Thursday culminates the novena in honor of the Child and in the evening hours the great concert will be held by the Trujillo State Symphony Orchestra.

It is noteworthy that the patron saint of the Sweet Name of the Child Jesus of Escuque turns 412 years old and is one of the oldest religious traditions in the state, which brings together a large number of believers not only from the "Land of clouds" but from all over Trujillo and other regions of the country.

In Pampán they also celebrate the Child

In the Pampán municipality they will also celebrate this Friday the party in honor of the Child Jesus in the church of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá; In this regard, Father Pedro Terán pointed out that three masses are held and the last one at 11 in the morning will be the solemn one.

“The veneration of the Child in Pampán is ancient. He is the co-patron of the parish and it is a very popular celebration because it is usually accompanied by street parties. At the end of the festivities, the famous pilgrimage of San Benito is held; From the religious context, the Eucharist is celebrated in honor of the black saint with the special veneration of his first-grade relics that we have in Pampán,” he explained.

Finally, the priests invited the parishioners to participate in the solemn celebration in honor of their patron saint.



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