The Lil Cota | Memories

We must insist on preserving and sharing the memory, especially in times when it is evident, more than evident, the effort, now redoubled, to dismember the peoples, especially those who have the possibility of emerging wisely and successfully and through knowing it they resist the attacks of the predators of history. From our history.

In that desperate effort of those who know that they are dying, Caribbean, Venezuelan and Latin American popular music, with its cadence and keys, continues to be attacked.

It reflects our mistakes, our loves, it is our chronicle, and it is also an example of the value system of others that made us see ourselves as our own, as they did in the cinema and even in the plastic arts.

As in everything that the Universe is putting us ahead of us, we have to unlearn to learn the codes again, our codes, unique, unrepeatable, that return to go against oblivion, and even, against ingratitude.

This same Saturday we have the possibility of reflecting on the codes that, for example, Juan Vicente Torrealba, born on February 20, 1917, held, 104 years ago.

Perseverance may be a key in him, who lived 102 years to prove it.

And on Monday let us review with love and depth the codes that Alfredo Sadel, born on February 22, 1930, 91 years ago spilled. An important code in Sadel apart from his exceptional handling of musical art, is solidarity.

What happened here defending Benny Moré, as well as the claim of Guillermo Castillo Bustamante, prove it. This solidarity key is very necessary today.

You have to value the accumulated musical experience of Venezuela and take great care of your memory.