The golden years | The Day The Music Died

The Beatle George Harrison would be turning 78 years old. In his short 20s he was already part of one of England's favorite musical quartets and always with a low profile. He was cataloged as the calm and quiet of the band and despite all that, he was the one who had a greater and rapid rise as a soloist after the dissolution of the famous quartet. The song Here Comes The Sun is his own and one of the most successful from the 1969 Abbey Road album.

Harrison has his appearance on lead vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitar. Also on that same album is Something, praised by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, as the best ballad in history. Already alone, the song My Sweet Lord became a hit in 1970, occupying the first places of the lists of several countries. Undoubtedly, George Harrison knew how to position himself as one of the greatest of the genre… In February, it was 50 years since the founding of the theater group Rajatabla.

It was created in 1971 by the Argentine director Carlos Giménez, Xulio Formoso and Francisco Alfaro, with the support of a group of young actors and students from the Ateneo de Caracas Theater Workshop. It is considered the most famous theater company in our country… It is 62 years since the death of vocalist Richie Valens, American singer and guitarist of Mexican descent.

He was just 17 years old when the plane he was traveling on crashed to the ground on February 3, 1959. He was the voice of La Bamba, his great success in just 8 months that lasted his artistic career. He is considered a pioneer of rock and roll and a forerunner of the rock and roll movement of the 50s. That day is known as "The day the music died", because Buddy Holly also died in that same accident. of the great influences for rock musicians like Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Elton John, who admired him.




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