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Students praise traditional neo-Spartan music

The students participated in the twenty-fifth (25th) edition of the Jota and Malagueña Regional Student Festival

Seventeen (17) secondary and diversified education students from different educational institutions in the state of Nueva Esparta participated in the twenty-fifth (25) edition of the Jota and Malagueña Regional Student Festival, organized every year by the Industrial Technical School (ETI) Alejandro Hernandez.

This festival, which has already become an annual tradition, brings together talented students from the region to celebrate and share the cultural richness of the traditional genres of Neo-Spartan music, together with prominent composers and cultists from the region, as stated by the regional artist Lucienne Sanabria, Festival coordinator.

“This is a festival that was born to exalt and put in the spotlight these manifestations of our island music, of our state, which are so beautiful and always involve beautiful poetry, such as the Jota and the Malagueña, which are part of our most 18 musical genres,” said Sanabria.

Pillar of peace

This festival began in 1998 as an initiative of Professor Jorge Luis González, to contribute to the preservation of traditional music, for which in 2002 it obtained the Pilar of Peace Prize from UNESCO and is Cultural Heritage of the Marcano municipality.

Passion for ours

With great enthusiasm, the students showed their singing skills and their passion for preserving and disseminating these traditional songs.

Natalia Guerrero, student of the UE Heroina Ana María Campos, who obtained second place in the Jota genre, expressed her satisfaction for participating in this cultural activity.

“I feel very honored to participate in the Jota y Malagueña festival since it is an event to raise people's awareness about the importance of continuing to contribute to maintaining our traditional songs and thereby strengthening our cultural identity,” said the seventh-grade student. degree.

Likewise, Joseph Marcano, a student at the Liceo Nacional Bolivariano Nueva Esparta, who was awarded second place in the Malagueña genre, expressed his happiness for obtaining this award and was grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of Neo-Spartan culture.

“I think this event is very important because it preserves Margarita music in the state of Nueva Esparta since we are instilling values ​​in those who are growing up so that they become more interested in the traditional genres of our music,” said Marcano.

For her part, Kellys Larez, a student from the UE Ricardo Márquez Moreno who performed a malagueña composed by Alberto “Beto” Valderrama Patiño, which was the winner of the unpublished lyrics in this festival, expressed: “It gives me great joy that it is not lost ours because we have to know where we come from, where we are going and always put our culture first.”

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