Winners of the Mural Contest in Caracas are presented

From the spaces of the National Art Gallery they highlighted the importance of the artist and fighter people

The winners of the Muralism, Landscaping and Communicational Battle Contest in the Capital District were Katiuska Ruiz, in the Artistic - Professional Category; the Commune of San Agustín "Invicta con Maduro", in the Community Category, and the Fundación Niño Simón, in the Student Category.

Likewise, the Vice Presidency of Women of the parish 23 de Enero, in the Digital Category, and Workers of the Venezuelan Food Producer and Distributor (Pdval), in the Sketch Category were selected.

The announcement was made by the Deputy Minister of Image and Space Arts, Mary Pemjean, who highlighted the importance of the "participation of that artist and fighter people that does not stop."

“From that town that, just as 200 years ago came out to fight in the Battle of Carabobo, today they are in the daily battle, against the pandemic, against the economic war; the battle to continue being a free and sovereign country ”, he expressed.

From the spaces of the National Art Gallery (GAN) of Caracas, he congratulated all the participants of this contest, especially the winners, who demonstrated their ability to capture the history of the Homeland through art.

The Muralism, Landscaping and Communication Battle Contest began last April after being called by the National Government in the context of the celebration of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo.

The invitation was positively received by various sectors of the Venezuelan population (professional artists, members of community councils and cultural organizations, students), who creatively expressed their patriotic pride. / South Libraries Press



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