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Poetry: yesterday and today a way to save ourselves

National Poetry Day was celebrated

There is World Poetry Day, established by UNESCO on March 21 of each year, but we Venezuelans have our National Poetry Day, at the request of the fascinating and powerful lyrics of Aquiles Nazoa, essayist, narrator, chronicler, memoirist. and, above all things, a poet of the simple, to celebrate the date of his birth, a day like yesterday, but in 1920.

Venezuela is a land of liberators and storytellers, of giants and poets. On May 17, bards from all over the country recite, read, sing, join unions and march since 2020, when the date was made official to promote, remember and disseminate the work of the “Nightingale of Catuche” on his centenary, who, among others many jobs, he was also an editor of love poems for this newspaper under the pseudonym Lancero.

There was a time when the profession of poet was romantic and Homeric; At one time he was melancholic and suicidal, at other times he has been combative and mercenary. Our history includes some of the greatest in our language: from Andrés Bello, founder of a way of speaking Spanish, to the Cumanese José Antonio Ramos Sucre, who gathered all the traditions exercised until his time to end up versifying with universal breath. Among the ladies, the precision of María Calcaño, the environmentalist sieve of Enriqueta Arvelo Larriva and the excess of Miyó Vestrini. Any list is unfair and exclusive.

Today poetry moves through the city, seduced by the laws of supply and demand, with billboards, corporate promises and the abysses posed by networks and their violent synthesis of discourse. It is made by kids who do hip hop, delivery or study Literature at the UCV.

This new way of constructing poetic references is described by José Leonardo Riera Bravo, president of the Aquiles Nazoa Movement, with moving words: “The new poetry of Venezuela is therapy and therapist of broken dreams, of distances and isolations, of scarcity and corruption. How do we see poetry? As the only way to save what is left of life in us.”

A poetic country

  • 17 festivals. Authors from all over the world have participated during the seventeen editions of the World Poetry Festival so far, staged in Caracas and various sub-venues.
  • Constitutional. The poetic character of the Bolivarian Revolution is so visible that the preamble to our Magna Carta is the work of one of our greatest rhapsodes: the maestro Gustavo Pereira.
  • Poetry rules. In government positions, the first was Chávez with his poetic words and actions. The attorney general, Tarek William Saab, is a prolific author; Freddy Ñáñez, in addition to being an editor and poet, is Minister of Communication and Information; the deputy Cristóbal Jiménez, coplero and poet…

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