Nihil's cartography proposes defending what is ours

Good performances. Henry Slim

The winning piece of the dramaturgy contest of the International Festival Escenarios del Mundo in Cuenca, Ecuador is already on the Caracas billboard. It is Cartography of Nihil, written and directed by Deiby Fonseca.

It will be for a month in the Sala Rajatabla from Friday to Sunday. The play is about two brothers (Domingo Balduci and Ignacio Marchena) who live in a bunker, but look for the right moment to flee from their Guaha nation, which is subjected by a dictatorship. They want to reach Nihil, but the arrival of a girl, Orcinas (Andrea Levada), will disrupt their plans.

The director Fonseca explained that “through the resource of the dream, the dystopia of a world that does not exist, we present to the viewer what is happening with the migrations, the displaced people. It is also the people who migrate for fashion, who leave without having an exact plan of what they will do, thinking that in those countries they will open the doors and it turns out that they are not doing very well.

He added that “the work is also an ode to the defense of our identity. That we can have our differences, but we have to defend what we have as a country ”.



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