National Museum of Museums incorporates new institutions to its network

Forming a network with the country's museums is one of the fundamental missions of the National Museum System, with the Ing. Antonie Van der Mark Science Community Museum Foundation being the new entity attached to the SiNM.

This institution is private, non-profit and was created for the service and attention of the community of Mene Grande, Baralt Municipality, in the state of Zulia, and is in charge of investigating, conserving, exhibiting and educating about the local archaeological heritage, which allows us to reconstruct and make visible the origin and sociocultural trajectory of our ancestors.

The profuse collection is made up of pre-Columbian ceramic pieces, made by the ancient inhabitants of the Eastern Coast of Lake Maracaibo, and samples of pottery from the pre-Hispanic cultures of Colombia. There are more than five thousand pieces, samples of crafts and clay remains; Found through archaeological excavation methods in nearby areas, and where a history that dates back to 2.500 years is concentrated in this region of the Eastern Coast of the Lake.

Likewise, the museum houses a collection of 250 pieces, among which series of pre-Columbian monuments, figurines and vessels stand out, which were divided into: Lagunilloídes, belonging to the pieces excavated in this region of Lagunillas, and from the Dabajuroide and Tocuyanoid cultures, excavated throughout the area of ​​geographic influence of the eastern coast of Lake Maracaibo. Similarly, from the pre-Hispanic cultures of the Tairona, Muisca, Calima, Tumaco, Nariño, Terradentro and Quimbaya series.

In this regard, Luz Mendoza, research professor at the Rafael María Baralt National Experimental University (UNERMB) and the main promoter of tourism development in the region explains “it is possible to follow the human footprint in history, thanks to the magnificent testimonies created by man, we know about beliefs, customs, ways of eating, burial traditions, among other forms of sociocultural organization of our original civilizations "

For more information and organized visits with biosafety regulations, contact via email: [email protected].

The museum exalts the legacy of Antonie Van Der Mark Rosemond, (1926-2014), a mechanical engineer and anthropologist of Dutch origin living in Venezuela, he was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and of the Royal Institute of Anthropology of Great Britain and North Ireland.

Eng. Van der Mark's curiosity led him to interpret and preserve the past of the ancient civilization of these areas.

Historical Police Museum "Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías"

Created on December 18, 2020, the “Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías” Police Historical Museum (MHPHCHF) was incorporated into the National Museum System.

The exhibition of this space shows the community the historical heritage and other elements of the services that make up the Bolivarian National Police Corps (CPNB).

The inauguration of this new museum was framed within the celebrations of the XI Anniversary of the creation of this important organ of citizen security.

The "Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías" Historical Police Museum has as fundamental objectives to preserve the historical heritage, the police identity and the consolidation of a culture that unifies the roots that make up and give life to the Bolivarian National Police Force.

In the words of citizen G / D (GNB) Elio Ramón Estrada Paredes, general commander of the Bolivarian National Police Corps and promoter of the museum "the idea is to assert and spread the humanistic and cultural character of the police officer as guarantors of public safety" For this, it has designed an education program that includes guided visits to the museum, as well as training courses and workshops that aim to guide everything related to the police profession in each of its competencies and disciplines that are specific to it and that They are at the service of the entire Nation.

As an interesting element in the national museum environment, characterized by its heterogeneity and diversity, a new typology of museums is adhered to, such as that of "Historical Police".

To be part of this wonderful initiative of the members of the CPNB and access guided tours, training activities and learn about the history of citizen security in Venezuela, write and request information via email: [email protected] and we invite you to follow them on their Instagram account and twitter @ museohistoricopolicial1.

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