National Cinematheque celebrates its 55th anniversary

Vladimir Sosa offered the information.

With forums and virtual meetings, the 55th anniversary of the Fundación Cinemateca Nacional (FCN) will be held throughout the month of May.

The information was given by the president of the FCN, Vladimir Sosa Sarabia, who said that “the current time in which we have had to celebrate it, invites us to open spaces for reflection in relation to what the Cinematheque should be in the future, and above all, the relationship of users with it, with film and audiovisual heritage and with film culture ”.

In that sense, he pointed out that the first meeting will be a Prospective meeting of the National Cinematheque of Venezuela, which will be held today via WhatsApp and to which they can join, following their social networks on instagram, @cinematecavzla.

During the celebration, the Fundación Cinemateca Nacional will launch an exhibition window of works of the national film heritage, through the YouTube channel: Cinemateca Vzla.

It will be a project that will last over time and each projection will be accompanied by a meeting.

During the Sarabia administration, which began a month before the quarantine decree, in 2020, the foundation has offered a series of training workshops in the cinematographic field, called Online Cinematheque, which already have 35 meetings and more than 3.000 participants. .

Sosa announced that, shortly, a series of research publications on cinema and audiovisuals will be presented, which in principle will be shared with the public in digital format, and which are waiting to be printed.

During the celebration of the Bicentennial of Carabobo, the FCN will offer a cycle of historical cinema, accompanied by forums and talks dedicated to this genre in national cinematography, and complemented by a publication also dedicated to historical cinema in our country.



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