magazine launches digital image


The Magazine is now available in digital format, which in its 37th edition comes with a renewed image and dedicates its pages to the relationship between exhibition spaces, heritage and archeology.

Álvaro Arocha is responsible for giving the magazine a fresh air, and a renewed visual style, which makes reading easier and attractive accompanying the texts with photographs.

This was reported by the editor of the publication, Armando Galiardi, who specified that they will delve into the reconstruction of the past as an important objective for the identity of the country, as well as the illicit trafficking of cultural property.

The work is in charge of nine specialists in archeology and related sciences, who give their points of view while doing a review of the national geography. On this occasion, they visit the Andean states of the central-western region and its wonders.

Galiardi added that the Alternative Space section also includes works dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Alejandro Otero Museum and the 50th anniversary of the Galería la Otra Banda, of the Universidad de Los Andes.

He added that in that same section there is also the experience in restoration of the students of the Conservation and Restoration of Movable Property, of the Francisco de Miranda National Experimental University.

They also address the programs of the National Museums Foundation, Young Artist of the Month and Artistic Residencies.

The Magazine, available on the website: www. and in @fundacionmuseos, on twitter and instagram, it is published quarterly and its purpose is to disseminate the experiences that arise from the reflection of museology, academic research and the processes of conservation, communication and exhibition of the cultural and natural heritage.

Those interested in collaborating with publications can send their proposals to the mail: [email protected]



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