Museum of Fine Arts celebrated the 83rd anniversary of its Neoclassical building


With a guided tour, the Museum of Fine Arts commemorated the 83rd anniversary of the Neoclassical building of the museum institution, which was designed by the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva and inaugurated on February 20, 1938.

On February 20, 1938, an arts event took hold of the media, including The Universal and The Sphere. Based on the design of the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva, the neoclassical building was built, the first headquarters built for the MBA. The inaugural exhibition of 1938 was made up of Venezuelan, Latin American and European works of art belonging to the collection, and was included in the first catalog published by the institution. Simultaneously, an Inter-American Exhibition of Chilean Painting was opened. Construction had been carried out between 1935 and 1936. 

In 1976, the Special Commission of Plastic Arts of the Conac (National Council of Culture) established that the National Art Gallery (GAN) temporarily occupy the original headquarters of the MBA. In the same way, it was decided that the initial collection of the GAN would be made up of Venezuelan works of art belonging to the MBA. All these decisions became legal in 1977 when the Museum of Fine Arts temporarily handed over its neoclassical building to the nascent institution for the arts.

By December 11, 2008, the neoclassical building was returned to the Museum of Fine Arts. That day the name of the museum was discovered on the façade and exhibitions were inaugurated in the 18 rooms of the two buildings with works from the collections of Latin American, European, North American, Cubism, Egyptian art, ceramics and Gego's Reticulárea.

Zacarías García, director of the MBA, pointed out that the process of modernity comes to Venezuela under the presidency of Eleazar López Contreras, when an opening is achieved in all areas. Carlos Raúl Villanueva assumes the architectural project, being a studied man, with influences from modernism and during that project “something particular happens, because the museum that we knew and that housed almost all the techniques, for the first time the separation between art and science for which a new chapter was opened in our plastic history ”.

García showed his amazement by indicating how advanced Francisco Narváez was in conjunction with Villanueva for his time, to create abstract integration works with the level of sophistication that they possessed. even here Armando Reverón was veiled in these spaces, that's how important the museum is ”.

The public present at the guided tour given by the educator Kelvin Arévalo, converged with each other to support the efforts and efforts made by the museum institution in times of collective quarantine, due to the COVID-19 pandemic "that have reopened the doors is satisfactory, since as users we are interested in the activities carried out in these spaces and it serves as entertainment to know and learn more about national and international art ", they indicated.

As information of interest, the neoclassical building of the MBA has housed national and international exhibitions in its exhibition spaces, such as: El Ojo Mágico, Escrito con Luz. Pure Photography by Claudio Perna, 400 years of European Painting, The Jewels of Salvador Dalí, among other exhibitions that have adorned the rooms of the cultural venue. 



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