MBA retakes the Know Your Heritage program

Adorn the central courtyard of the MBA.

The plastic analysis of the work Eva After Pecado (1905), carried out by the Venezuelan artist Lorenzo González (1876-1948), inaugurates the new season of the Know Your Heritage Program, which is promoted by the Museum of Fine Arts.

The piece belongs to the naturalistic style that emerged in the second half of the XNUMXth century, the precepts of which indicate the need to express –through the representation of the human body-, not only the correct proportion of its dimensions, but also, to translate
some emotion, character or temperament. In the play, Eva can be seen in a state of shock, achieving the
Silent complicity of the spectators., reviews a press release.

With Eva after sin, González obtained the honorable mention at the Salon de Artistas Franceses in Paris (1905).

Currently, the work is in the open spaces of the Museum of Fine Arts, but it belongs to the collection of the National Art Gallery (GAN).

Eva After Sin is one of the works that make up the MBA Pool. The other pieces that are part of the Central Patio are Mujer en Reposo and La Ciudad.

The details hidden behind, Eva after sin, as well as those exposed in the work carried out by the researcher Thelma Carvallo can be seen in the accounts on social networks, @fundacionmuseos and @amigosmuseodebellasartes.



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