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International Book Fair culminated in Monagas

The activity had more than 20 national and regional exhibitors to promote reading and the baptism of books

In the facilities of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, (UBV) the International Book Fair of Venezuela was held on June 10, 11, and ended this Sunday, June 12.

There were more than 20 national and regional exhibitors, among which Monaguense Efraín Villarroel Moya stands out with his book "Rain in Summer", where he recounts experiences and history of Maturín.

The inauguration took place in the afternoon of June 10 with the assistance of the Governor of Monagas, Ernesto Luna, the first combatant Sorenelly Zambrano de Luna, the deputy to the AN, Roberto Messuti, the plastic artist and writer from Monaguense, Efraín Villarroel, Chaím, who cleared the tape to leave Filven Monagas 2022 open.

Fanny Villarroel, general director of the Monagas State Cultural Cabinet, invited the community of Monagas to take advantage of this international book fair, whose slogan is to read independently.

“Great national writers such as José Vicente Rangel and Earle Herrera will be honored. We must be clear that reading makes us independent”, Villarroel asserted.

Baptism of the book «Rain in summer»

The regional president opened the event baptized the book "Rain in summer." He explained that more than 20 publishers participate in this fair that is the XIX Filven that is celebrated in the country.

It is important to point out that Filven is organized and promoted by the National Book Center of Venezuela (Cenal), the governing body of the book platform, attached to the Ministry of People's Power for Culture.

They paid special posthumous tribute

On the second day of the cultural festival and literary meeting, there was a wide variety of books on sale, recitals, presentations and various activities.

The popular fair was a platform for the presentation of books and writers with prominent contributions to the letters.

They also paid a special posthumous tribute to the memory of the "poet of poets" Earle Herrera and to the journalist, writer and prominent revolutionary, José Vicente Rangel.

Governor Luna invited Monaguenses to study, to seek the necessary information and to promote research, putting reading into practice, since reading permanently becomes a source of inspiration to raise knowledge, reading emancipates, forms and forge new citizens,” he specified.

The book “Principles of Public Management”

The governor of the state of La Guaira, José Alejandro Terán, sent a delegation to present Governor Luna with the book "Principles of Public Management" written by the remembered General in Chief, Jorge García Carneiro.

Also, Governor Ernesto Luna toured the stands and greeted the boys and girls of the “Educating with Love” campaign promoted in the state by the “El Niño Simón” Regional Foundation.

Monaguenses enjoyed a literary day

The 17th Filven Monagas ended this Sunday, June 12, and was made possible thanks to the coordinated work between the Ministry of People's Power for Culture, through the State Cabinet of Culture of Monagas, and the National Book Center (Cenal), in conjunction with the Government of Monagas.

Cultural activities, conferences and workshops were the protagonists of this cultural fair.

The assistance had more than 100 thousand visitors with the participation of 15 national and regional publishers.

At the Simón Bolívar library of the UBV, the program began with the presentation of the book From the reef by Chunosuke Matsuyama by Miguel Mendoza Barreto, who highlighted that the book was awarded the Stefania Mosca 2020 award.

"This book alludes to the idea of ​​travel, to the perspective of the peasant towards the urban and the return of the urban to peasant culture," he commented.

Likewise, the agenda continued with the conversation Resistance and insurgency against the blockade by Professor Moisés Morón, president of the Legislative Council of the Monagas state, and with the presentation by deputy Marelis Pérez entitled Women and resistance against the imperial blockade.

During her speech, Marelis Pérez explained the role played by women in Venezuela since the mandate of Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, in which gender equality has been defended.

The cycle ended with the presentation of the book “Expediente Negro de José Vicente Rangel”, a national writer honored at this celebration of the word.

Congressman Uribe Guevara highlighted Rangel's denunciation of what was the "repressive, hostile and bloody era that our country experienced in the 60s and 70s, specifically in the governments of the Fourth Republic, where men and women were persecuted for having a different idea to them”.

On the other hand, in the general room of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, the presentation of the book Historias minimas de la Carta Magna, by Earle Herrera, by Alexander Mejías, published by the editorial el Perro y la rana, took place.

The day continued with the discussion "Russian literature and its contributions to the Western universe", by Yury Weky, guest writer.

Weky stated that the Western literary universe was unaware of Russian literature until the XNUMXth century, and had to recognize it "before the tortuous written word of the Russian man."

Likewise, the presentation of the books "We put the bomb, and what?" and "I want to be like them", by Earle Herrera, by William Núñez and Miguel Ángel Sánchez.

Also presented were the books "The speech of the Venezuelan" and "The child's language" by Isabel Rivero de Armas, edited by El Perro y la Rana, by the poets Amanda Ramos and Grisel Ribera.

Authorities cleared the tape to leave Filven Monagas 2022 open.

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