Inhabitants of Caracas celebrated the traditional descent of Pacheco

This Monday, the inhabitants of the city of Caracas, together with a team of facilitators and animators of the Culture Mission, carried out the traditional descent of Pacheco, in the Plaza Bolívar of the capital.

During the activity, the Venezuelan people welcomed Christmas with traditional activities and songs alluding to the Christmas season.

The Bajada de Pacheco is a tradition of the inhabitants of Caracas that is carried out with the purpose of announcing the beginning of the Christmas festivities in the capital city and the arrival of the cold for the time of year.

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Legend has it that Antonio Pacheco was a man who many years ago came down from the Galipán mountains with flowers to decorate the houses of the city in December; the arrival of man just coincided with the low temperatures in the city.

Pacheco arrived in Caracas by the Camino de los Españoles and entered through the Puerta de Caracas in La Pastora. He sold his flowers in front of the famous church in that area and rested from his long journey. This journey was carried out at least three times a week.

So when people saw him arrive they shouted "There comes Pacheco", "Bajó Pacheco" or "Pacheco arrived". Expressions that, over time, became entrenched in the language of the residents of the capital, to show that the Christmas season is coming and with it comes the cold of Pacheco.



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