His grandparents participated in the Battle of Carabobo

This Wednesday, the Minister of Popular Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, published a video in which the melody of a joropo with a violin is appreciated, played by descendants of combatants from the Battle of Carabobo.

Through his official account of the social network Twitter, he published “His grandparents fought in the Battle of Carabobo and stayed to live in those lands. The cultural result can be seen in a joropo with a violin and a female tap ”.

"They made a bonfire and made their dance circle," says an inhabitant of the Libertador de Carabobo municipality, who states that at the time of the Battle of Carabobo there was a road called La Pica that came from the Llanos settlers and muleteers with his cattle, who whistled the chipola (traditional rhythm of the plain) and the bird (joropo), "and our musicians took those melodies and adapted them to the violin."

He stressed that the women of the area are fierce, because "it is the only joropo where the woman stomps the same as the man."



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