Five essential books | Juan Perez

Since last October, Juan Pérez has been in charge of the Centro Nacional del Disco. With a degree in music, Pérez is the founder of the traditional groups, Vasallos del Sol, Sentir Latino and Tradiciones de Venezuela, with which he has represented the country in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Guatemala, to name a few.

Here, he gathers his five must-haves in literature and music.

As a lover of readings related to Latin America, he chose Luis Báez's El saqueo cultural de América Latina, “which speaks as a custom and as a result of the conquest, all the territories of our America were plundered and one of them was the Venezuelan territory . With many details and precision it counts who took the riches, ”he said.

"The essays about the possible solutions that can be found within progressive governments and within the new revolutions", contained in The Open Ways of Latin America by various authors, were his second choice, followed by What does it mean to think from America Latina by Juan José Bautista, which shows the consequences of our way of thinking and therefore of acting.

To these three books, he added the record productions Mar de corazón by Óscar Lista and Traigo de todo from his group, Tradiciones de Venezuela.