Carlos Arroyo

Julio Cortazar, author of Hopscotch

The world of tables has been that of Carlos Arroyo for 37 years, during which time he has been in charge of the Portuguese Regional Theater Company and since 2018 of the National Theater Company (CNT).
Conflicted by having to choose only five books, Arroyo went for the classic and turned to the novels that move his imagination.

The first of them is País Portable by Adriano González León, which he chose “because it makes an X-ray of a very particular time in Venezuela. I think it is a novel to stand out from Venezuelan literature ”.

It was followed by his two leading novels, One Hundred Years of Solitude del Gabo and Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo, as they are works “that defragment my imagination and allow me to understand that everything is possible in the theater. They make me exploit a need to tell stories about the theater ”.

His third choice was Spartacus by Howard Fast, the story of a man who for him marked a milestone, "and talks about political power and the changes that a man can have and how to debate in both spaces."

It culminated with Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar. “It is the game, the fun that you find beyond the story. It is fun to read it, take it on any page or follow the steps that the author himself raises. It invites us to play and understand that life is not black and white, that it can be read like a rainbow ”. l



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