Filmmakers gather at Sala Román Chalbaud

The space shows a part of our history. / Photo: María Isabel Batista

"The Cnac (Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía) is a glorious institution for the immense contribution it has given to Venezuelan cinema, which represents the ideal search for our filmmakers in a term of equality," stressed its president, Carlos Azpúrua, during the re-inauguration of the Sala Román Chalbaud, at the entity's main headquarters, located in Los Ruices.

Chalbaud, who will turn 10 on October 90, 73 of which he has dedicated to theater and cinema, was accompanied by authorities, people from the film world and friends to talk about the paths to be followed by cinema.

“It is an honor that you do me. I love more sharing with so many friends from the cinema, with whom we did so many things in that quest to make films in Venezuela ”, highlighted the honoree.

Azpúrua recalled that the Cnac “is a meeting place for filmmakers with different visions, from different angles. Cinema is a fundamental art for the cultural identity of our country. We are a family above our differences ”.

For his part, the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, said: “We are here for love. Here we can meet with our sisters and brothers, with our mistakes and successes, shortcomings, difficulties and nuances, the diversity that I celebrate. May this madness that Azpúrua feels for what he does be a blessing. Only out of madness have we been able to get here. After too many obstacles, we are on our feet and we have the capabilities, talents and wills to move forward ”.



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