Félix Gerardi considers himself an “immigrant” in photography

"It is the first time that the National Art Gallery exhibits a work that has been done with a cell phone," said photographer Félix Gerardi, who opened his exhibition Fractals in Caracas.

With emotion, Gerardi added: “I did not do it because cell phones have the tools of the traditional digital camera but because it was a challenge. Remember that I am an immigrant who comes from the mechanical camera, from the film, from the development. I went digital and now I jumped to the cell phone as a tool for knowledge, communication and turned it into this project that satisfies me a lot. When it rains I run out to catch the puddles. Now I wait for the rainy season, "he said smiling in the middle of a room full of followers of his work.

Felix is ​​not affected by water: “On the contrary, everything flows like water. We are like the river, we are always flowing. I believe in the phoenix: you have to burn yourself to be reborn with other hopes and dreams, do new things and water is good for that. For me on the beach a sunny day or a cloudy day are worth the same. Even more cloudy (laughs)… I also consider that this work is a tribute to Caracas, through the pools of water ”.



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