Exhibition in honor of José Gregorio Hernández inaugurated

11 works make up this curatorship, in which artists who mostly belong to the "Grafópolis" collective participate.

In room 6 of the Arturo Michelena Museum (MAM), located at the corner of Urapal, number 82 (La Pastora, Caracas), the exhibition that evokes the figure of the “Servant of God” was inaugurated, entitled “José Gregorio Hernández. Metamorphosis of a character ”.

11 works make up this curatorship, in which artists who mostly belong to the collective called "Graphopolis" participate. Among the artists that make up this group are Enrique Camarinha, Pasión Morales, Reddy González, Antonio Castillo, Luis Galíndez, Irina Gutiérrez and Hugo Mariño. The artists Nancy Carrero, Jermaine Carneiro and Esther Guevara are also part of the exhibition.

José Gregorio Hernández. Metamorphosis of a character is a collective exhibition that highlights for the public, the strong influence of the "Doctor of the poor" in the popular imagination.

This meeting joins the fact of the Beatification of Dr. José Gregorio Hernández Cisneros approved by His Holiness Francisco, after years of waiting for the Venezuelan people to recognize the miraculous virtues of this distinguished man, known as the "Physician of the poor ”.

In this regard, Endrid Hidalgo, general director of the MAM asserted that the idea of ​​the exhibition comes from the same museum and general direction "considering the character José Gregorio Hernández, from the contemporary plastic and with the greater interpretive freedom of JGH, from each of the artists, even from the technical level with total freedom when it comes to visualizing each one of the artists, this character of the Venezuelan faith. "

In this sense, the executive director of the MAM, Irarkil Rangel expressed that the framework of this national joy "we are at the opening of this exhibition" JGH, a figure that today represents the aspects of devotion, since they have to do with the syncretic aspects of art that imply the incorporation of artistic elements, which reinterpret his life, his message and his work both as a doctor and as a man of society ”.

Rangel added that the artists participating in this show have managed, from their own point of view, to show a José Gregorio Hernández with an interesting metamorphosis “that we are all going to enjoy from now on, in the weeks of flexibilization. Sure, they will understand that José Gregorio Hernández is not only an iconographic figure from the point of view of religiosity in our country, but also a fundamental element in the plastic culture of Venezuelans ”.

For her part, Irina Gutiérrez, the artist who takes part in this exhibition, explained “I worked on a reinterpretation of the Saint with contemporary materials, with a language that especially reaches young people, a little to stimulate the use of waste, technology, and novel elements”. At the same time, she stated that José Gregorio Hernández is very special to her, since he preserved her health. "For this reason, it is not only an aesthetic commitment, but a life commitment."

As part of the audience, Isabella Milano, a student at the National Experimental University of the Arts (JOIN) commented that the public will be able to witness the various works in which the artists portray the figure of José Gregorio Hernández with diversity, and that today -April 30- coincides with his “Beatification, a very important event for our country because it highlights the faith, the hope represented in each visual vision of these artists ”.

It is important to note that “José Gregorio Hernández. Metamorphosis of a character ”can be admired through the social networks of the FMN (@fundacionmuseos) on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, the MAM also has its own account on IG (@museoarturomichelena) and a fanpage on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Amigosdelarturomichelena. / Press-FMN.



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