Editorial support Phrases and thoughts of Hugo Chávez "The legacy"

Deputies of the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Miranda (Clebm) unanimously approved an agreement in support of the editorial work Phrases and thoughts of Hugo Chávez “El Legado”, this Tuesday, in the ordinary session of the regional parliament.

In a press release, legislator Miguel Mora explained the proposal for the investigative work that was submitted for consideration. "The document verbatim collects the various issues that Commander Hugo Chávez constantly exposed and addressed throughout his life, among which health, social, environmental and other topics stand out."

Mora said that the Mirandino parliament supports this interesting literary work called Hugo Chávez "The Legacy."

Likewise, "we celebrate the realization of a meticulous investigation that collects and reflects the thought of the leader of the revolutionary process in Venezuela, with the purpose of maintaining it over time and serving as material for future generations to meet in different areas" .



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