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Documentary about María León won praise and flowers

Hydrangeas for Inés can now be seen in commercial movie theaters

María León has lived 87 years of life, of which 67 have been dedicated to political militancy and feminism activism. For this reason and more, it was worth it for the director Yekuana Martínez to pursue her for about five years to achieve the documentary Hortensias para Inés, which is already in commercial cinemas, with the support of Amazonia Films and the National Autonomous Center of Cinematography ( Cnac).

At the premiere that took place at the Bolívar Theater, the one hour and 20 minute documentary showed María León in first person: first her voice is heard in off while images of Caracas appear until she comes on stage to tell her story in first person.

Animation segments are interspersed with the audiovisual material as she tells of her experience from when she felt discrimination by the nuns at school until she was a seamstress, through the union struggles during the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jiménez to her friendship with the president. Hugo Chavez.

But, in addition, you can see in the docu that “The Lioness of Chávez,” as it is known, does not leave aside the theme of feelings, of falling in love: “love cannot give us suffering but joy.” His suffering from cancer in 2002 also exposes him bravely.

Yes, the human part is always present. She does not stop telling what her struggles were like as Inés, a pseudonym she used when she was in the guerrilla, but she also does not leave out the struggles of other women in the Carabobo countryside or in the culture of Judeo-Christianity or the days of the workers to continue with the second day at home and that is not recognized.

Hydrangeas and their meaning are not lacking either.

The event was very moving with the participation of the Minister of Women, Dheliz Álvarez; the president of Cnac, Carlos Azpúrua; Yekuana Martínez and María León herself, in addition to the participation of the singer-songwriter José Alejandro Delgado, who composed a song for her and performed it before the screening. The audience did not stop moving for a minute.

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