Cultural platform begins to be nurtured

Cecilia Todd is one of the artists invited.

With a consultation of a dozen artists, the cycles of meetings began to nurture the new national cultural platform.
According to the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, a group of cultists met at that meeting “to nurture Culture Venezuela, a showcase to show the diversity of Venezuelan arts. We have decided to hold these meetings to fill ourselves with ideas, because we want what started with a small idea to become a great vehicle for the dissemination of our artists ”.

Villegas, Cecilia Todd, Amaranta, Oriana Ramos, Fabiola José, Alí ​​Alejandro Primera, Gerardo Valentín, Luisana Pérez, José Delgado, Negel Machado and documentary maker Jorge Solé, among others, were present at that meeting.
Likewise, the vice-ministers Sergio Array, Raúl Cazal and Karen Millán were incorporated, as well as Juan Carlos Pérez, president of the National Disco Center.

Villegas pointed out that this incorporation was made "because we will start the musical and audiovisual production and soon the physical one."

He said that all Venezuelans, whether or not they are in the country, can have access to the platform and to propose ideas. “The meetings are going to be continuous, trying to cover all areas. We plan to meet with representatives of the performing arts, audiovisuals, plastic artists and members of the Bolivarian Congress of Peoples, Culture chapter. Those who wish to make their content available to the platform, their contributions are well received ”.



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