Chuquisaca paid honors to the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo

"From Carabobo 2021 to Chuquisaca 2025" was the motto coined for the activities carried out in the reopening of the Simón Rodríguez Cultural Center, located at the Embassy of our country in La Paz, Bolivia, which was attended by a Venezuelan diplomatic mission in the Plurinational State of Bolivia, together with authorities of the aforementioned nation in honor of our glorious epic. 

"Colors of the Bicentennial of Carabobo 2021 to Chuquisaca 2025" is the title of the international exhibition that honors the heroic deed that was recently inaugurated on the occasion of the reopening of this institution, in which works by Bolivian and Venezuelan artists related to the independence process of our America.

It should be noted that Venezuela had a large participation of artists including: Palmira Correa, Claudia Jaimes, Rodrigo Benavides, Robert Cárdenas, Edson Cáceda, Natalia Ponce, Iván Romero, Hendrick Hidalgo, Celestino Alfaro, Clemente Martínez, Argenis Borrero and Oscar Sotillo, with works in the specialties of drawing, painting, photography and engraving.

Within the plastic exhibition, the Bolivian artist Túpac Durán unveiled the mural «From Carabobo to Chuquisaca», with heroes of both heroic deeds, which in his opinion symbolizes the liberation of our peoples.

Let us remember that the Chuquisaca Revolution was the popular uprising that occurred on May 25, 1809 in the city of Chuquisaca, currently Sucre, belonging to the Viceroyalty of Río de la Plata. According to the Hispanic-American independence historiography, this event is usually known as the First Libertarian Cry of America.

The opportunity was propitious for the Bolivian government spokesman, David Choquehuanca, to call for the unity and integration of the peoples to counteract the internal and external colonialism that turned the human being into an individualist. “Brothers, it is important to work the unity of our peoples, of our countries, it is important to work on integration. Our path is called unity and integration ”.

For his part, Alexander Yánez Deleuze, Venezuelan ambassador to Bolivia, emphasized the role of the Carabobo Campaign as a strategic planning for the project to unite Miranda, Bolívar and our peoples. "There would be no Battle of Pichincha, there would be no Battle of Junín, there would be no Battle of Ayacucho, there would be no deliberative Assembly of Chuquisaca if Carabobo had not occurred as a geopolitical campaign."

Likewise, the Venezuelan ambassador to Bolivia took advantage of the occasion to advance that it is planned to convert this cultural center into a museum.

Throughout the year, activities have been carried out prior to the memorable date of our Battle of Carabobo (24-06-1821) and all that remains of 2021, the Bicentennial year of such a great event, will be extended.

Authorities from Venezuela and Bolivia participated in the event


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