They celebrate 50 years of Rajatabla with Ubú at the gates of heaven

They will reopen their doors under biosecurity protocols.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Rajatabla Foundation will reopen its doors with the presentation of the work, Ubú at the gates of heaven.

The staging will offer performances on Fridays, at 4:00 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, at 3:00 pm, from February 28 to April 25.

The montage is a journey through the imaginary of Alfred Harris, director of the piece, who made a parody of the classic, William Shakespeare's Macbeth, is outlined in a press release.

Black humor and live music will converge on stage with the actors and actresses, Antonio Delli, María Tellis, Sandra Moncada, Luis Vicente González, Francisco Aguana and Armando Andrés.

“In this version, Father Ubú feels cornered, he is persecuted by creditors, victims and international organizations, so he and his gang try to escape the sight of men fleeing planet Earth, thus they manage to cross space to reach the gates of heaven ”, is narrated in the communication.

The functions will be offered in weeks of flexibility, under all biosafety protocols. Tickets will be on sale at the Fundación Rajatablas box office, located in Plaza Morelos.



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