Big Band Banana bets on a very diverse repertoire

It is indisputable that more than a year of rehearsals and a diverse repertoire ranging from jazz to bolero, rock to salsa and pop to Venezuelan music, show the connection that the Big Band Banana has, composed of 100% Venezuelan talent .

In a concert held for the press, it was possible to hear the good arrangements for well-known pieces such as ¡Qué te pedí !, New York New York, Africa, Unforgettable, The singer, Hey how it sounds, Get me drunk with love, Old horse, Grinding Coffee and compiled from themes by Chick Correa and Tito Puente, showing that the 23 musicians are very well coupled, all from the conservatory, but with great experience in different groups that have stood out in popular music.

“We form a group that will have international projection. We have an extensive repertoire where we have set rock standards, Latin jazz, bolero, pop. A whole range of repertoires with different styles. We passed the one hundred pieces already well rehearsed ”, said the director of the group, Pedro González Amaya.

He said that the pieces they performed in this presentation “are icons and cannot be absent in our presentations for all types of audiences. Of course, there are many more ”.

He made it very clear that the team of musicians who work with them is fixed: “We have a policy that they are always the same and that the fruit of the high (musical) level that we want is seen. If the Big Band moves from one place to another, we will always have the same formation ”.

One of the musicians who is caught up in this project is the saxophonist Edwin Ruiz: “I do a bit of merengue, jazz, salsa. I have academic training with the Simón Bolívar Conservatory ”.

A native of Curiepe, Miranda state, he said: “I started in music late, like when I was 14 and a half years old. I learned a lot in El Sistema, but also in the street, which has helped me to polish details and find the flavor (laughs). It helps you grow because it is one more complement ”.

Valeria López is the only lady in this group. He also plays the saxophone and comes from an experience with Andy Durán's Big Band, “which made it easier for me to play popular music. The musical part is based on experiences and always playing in shows gives you a blank with respect to your instrument. And I assure you that in the Big Band Banana the blank is continuous (laughs) ”.



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