Beatriz Veit-Tané, a World Heritage Site, died

The actress in her performance as María Lionza

Last Sunday, the shaman and Historical Heritage of Humanity, Aura Beatriz Correa Casanova, better known as Beatriz Veit-Tané, passed away at the age of 92.

The priestess of María Lionza was declared a Cultural Carrier and Asset of National Cultural Interest, "in recognition of her career and the meaning that the community gives her."

In addition, his work was also recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco).

Throughout his life he was recognized, not only for his psychic and spiritual abilities, but also for his efforts to enhance the cult of María Lionza, which is why he mobilized to return the sculpture of the deity, original by Alejandro Colina , to the Francisco Fajardo highway, where a replica was installed.

As a defender of indigenous rights, she was a pioneer in the intention of taking the remains of the chief Guaicapuro to the National Pantheon.

Beatriz Veit-Tané (Radiant Sun) was an inspiration for creators such as Román Chalbaud, who created the character of La Danta, played by Hilda Vera in the theater piece, The Burning of Judas, as well as for the painter Pedro Centeno Vallenilla, to who posed in several of his works.



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