Activated streaming platform for national artists

Digital formats for listening to music are here to stay and Venezuela is progressively joining international trends with the launch of the Music platform, a new service offered by the portal

"This is a platform that has a specific link and we can enter through The user chooses the operator of his cell phone number, -Movistar or Digitel- and subscribes with a very modest amount in bolivars", explains Luis Mori, commercial director of Music of the platform.

National artists such as Guaco, Desorden Público, C4 Trío, OneChot, Caramelos de Cianuro, Laura Guevara, Tecupae, Gualberto Ibarreto, Servando y Florentino, Frank Quintero, Guillermo Carrasco, Desorden Público and José Luis Pardo, are part of the catalog of Music.

“It works via streaming and is only for listening, not for downloading mp3s. You can generate your own selection of songs or playlists 'playlist'. It is a daily subscription and the service is deducted from the user's telephone balance, ”adds Mori, an executive with extensive experience in Venezuela in the record industry and in the commercialization of digital music.
An expeditious way to subscribe to the service is by sending a text message (sms) with the word "MUSICA" to number 100, from the phone (Movistar or Digitel) and in this way enjoy this wide catalog of national artists automatically .
The Music platform currently offers a total of 16 thousand musical themes. It already has 700 national artists affiliated, who share their songs in this way of enjoying legal music at a reasonable price and supporting national talent. In the same way, the care and security of the mobile device is guaranteed.
"We want to extend the invitation to national artists who are not yet part of the Music platform and thus disseminate their recent work or catalog productions," Luis Mori finally pointed out.
Those interested in further information, can contact the mail [email protected]



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