Exhibition "Torn Hearts" by Yrina Gutiérrez inaugurated

Yrina A. Gutiérrez Peraza, born in San Felipe, Yaracuy state in 1964, is a visual artist and lawyer.

A set of paintings and assemblages that start from everyday life, treasure memories and refer to loved ones who leave with distant routes, make up the anthological exhibition of the plastic artist Yrina Gutiérrez, "Torn hearts", which can be seen in the Rómulo Room Gallegos of the Celarg Foundation, with free admission.

The sample will be available to the public from Friday, June 11 to Sunday, September 26, 2021, at the Rómulo Gallegos Center for Latin American Studies, in Caracas, during the flexible regime weeks, with strict biosafety and body distancing measures. . The inaugural meeting will take place at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Keepsake drawers

Yrina Gutiérrez, who dedicates this exhibition to the multiple symbolism that encloses the heart, which associates with feelings, love and pain, anchored memories and longing for the recovery of loved ones who have taken other directions, expressed: “I undertake the search of intimate aspects that inhabit the heart. I reflect on the departure of affections, friendships, relatives who have migrated and the loneliness that remains for those of us who remain. The intervened drawers symbolize what we treasure ”.

The plastic artist works with everyday and familiar objects from the pictorial point of view, such as the bedside table drawers, which intervenes with various technical procedures (collages, appropriationism, painting, found objects, among others), as a symbol that protects, hides or treasures memories.

About the artist

Yrina A. Gutiérrez Peraza, born in San Felipe, Yaracuy state in 1964, is a visual artist and lawyer.

He graduated from the Cristóbal Rojas Plastic Arts School in 1988 and studied history, aesthetics and law. For some years he alternated his research on the image with teaching at various institutions in the country, among them the Eloy Palacios de Maturín School of Arts (Monagas); School of Architecture of the Santiago Mariño Polytechnic University and the Antonio José de Sucre School of Graphic Design, both in Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state.

He settled in eastern Venezuela until 2012. Then he established his residence and workshop between Carrizal, in Los Altos Mirandinos, and Cooper City, Florida, United States.

He is one of the founding artists of the collective group Grafópolis, dedicated to the creation of collaborative and interdisciplinary exhibition projects.

He has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Caracas, Táchira, Los Teques, Maracay, Barcelona, ​​Maturín, and abroad (Miami, Florida-USA).

Symbolism and experimentation

The assembly is curated by Fabiola Gámez, a graduate in plastic arts and a sculptor, together with Félix Hernández, who has a degree in Arts, mention in Plastic Arts from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV 1998), has studies in the Master of Studies of Discourse and is a teacher in Plastic Arts, History and Theory at UCV.

Félix Hernández highlighted that Yrina Gutiérrez's exhibition responds to the need to identify trends, languages, movements, groups and individualities within contemporary visual arts in Venezuela.

It is a vital process to be able to define the direction that this activity is taking in the country and generate lines of research that allow determining artistic behaviors, thematic inclinations and aesthetic motivations, among other relevant aspects.

He added that “due to its development, symbolic values ​​and experimentalism in creative work, the work of Yrina Gutiérrez, despite its constancy and evolution over time, has remained an object of worship of colleagues and some scholars in the area with alternative interests, for what is awaiting its insertion in those other readings of the artistic fact of recent times in the country ”. /Celarg Press

The exhibition will be available to the public from Friday, June 11 to Sunday, September 26, 2021


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